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Anti-Cellulite Push-up Leggings

The Ovahia® leggings have a double innovation. We have designed a new smart textile fiber called Structura® which has the ability to refine certain areas of the body to shape others. Its design gives it a thickness that guarantees no transparency unlike many push-up leggings. It remains both light to wear and allows your skin to fully breath throughout the day. The second innovation lies in the patented cut of the leggings. It was not designed from the usual shape of leggings but according to the ideal shape you desire. Many pieces of fabric are put together to form the ideal leggings you are looking for. For example, we have separated the Structura® pieces of fabric that make up the butt and thighs, accentuating the demarcation. This simple modification associated with this innovative fabric lifts your butts and strengthens the plump effect up to 3 times more unlike other push-up leggings.

They are worn exactly the same way as your usual push-up leggings. Whether it's to go to work, do your workout or just hang out at home, your new leggings will be so comfortable that you will forget that you are effectively fighting cellulite and that in an instant you got that curve that fits you so well.

Cellulite is caused by poor water circulation in your fat tissue. Structura® smart  textile fiber has a massaging effect that helps with water circulation on your butt and legs. The fabric also allows a better oxygenation of your epidermis which promotes good skin health. The entire time you are wearing your Ovahia Push Up Leggings, it is as if you were receiving cellulite treatment at an institute. Within a few weeks the cellulite will gradually fade.

For you, we wanted a legging that adapts to your daily activities. Whether it's to go to work, for a walk or to stay at home, you will find a color that suits each of your activities. You can also use the Ovahia Push Up Leggings for your workouts. It will only accelerate the elimination of cellulite than without physical activity.

The fabric exclusively composed of Structura® textile fibers increases the lifespan of your leggings up to 5 times, unlike other push-up leggings. You just need to machine wash it at 30 ° C with the rest of your laundry, avoiding drying it in the dryer. Its quality gives it total opacity to keep leggings without any transparent effect for many years.

It's a revolution in the world of push-up leggings. The Textura® fiber allows you to work on your shape to give you perfect curves without even having to think about it. You will notice it the second you put on your new Ovahia Push-Up leggings: more comfort, more elegance, a better feeling on your skin, a dynamic massaging effect and obtain generous curves that will be noticed instantly. With the Ovahia Push-Up leggings, you have never felt so feminine.

By choosing Ovahia to reshape your curves to perfection, you are guaranteed to fall in love with your new Push-Up leggings. We're so sure that if you're not completely satisfied, just reach out to customer service explaining what disappointed you and we'll refund your money. This can be done up to 30 days from the date of your purchase.

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